Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gratitude Served Up in an Acronym With a Side of Narrative

There's no doubt about it that gratitude should have a place in our lives every ding-dong day. However, isn't it fabulous that on the eve of this holiday --Thanksgiving -- we receive a gentle reminder?

My gratitude knows no bounds, but it knows a few words of expression:

I’m grateful for those moments when I can pay it forward, only looking backward long enough to express gratitude to those who paved my way. I’m grateful for this upcoming holiday featuring my favorite foods – carbohydrates and turkey – with my favorite people – friends and family. I’m also grateful for the chance to create an acronym (I’m grateful for those too), and I cannot allow a good acronym opportunity to go by.

Healthy living as a habit
Affable people
Pie (the kind with an “e” on the end)
Pets with their unconditional love
Years measured in memories

Trips of exploration: near & far
Happiness exuding from my family
Abundance in everyday life
Nature’s bounty as far as the eye can see
Knowledge gained: current and future
Shared experiences
Good hair days
Inspirational moments
Variety being the spice of life
Innovative ideas
Nonsensical comedic moments eliciting laughter
Gifts of love