Thursday, November 24, 2011

Re: Life is a fun-filled luge ride...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Even though I'm in the "bosom of my family" as it were, I felt it was important to blog on with happiness, which often beats my usual blather.

I began the day with a phenomenal one and a half hour zumba class where folks brought in five cans of food and danced away for free.

The feel-good vibe was amazing, not to mention the caloric burn factor. Unfortunately, I've been handling my calorie burning similar to my cash burning -- I'm consuming the cash and calories before and having to play catch up afterwards.

But you know what? I'm having a doggoned blast!

Having just finished up birthday festivities that I managed to draft off of for two weeks I'm still in reflection mode. (Though I'm also in the party-hardy, the healthy way, mode as well.)

I'm surrounded by smart, funny, active, sassy people who do, do, do in a grand way. The petty, the inconsequential, the stagnant is a thing of the past.

Serendipity is not just a word, but a way of life. I'm just letting it all be without my helpful prodding. The universe actually seems to function quite well without my helpful hints and I find if I just allow the music of the Beatles to remind me, I'm able to synthesize usable philosophies that actually work.

Like "Let it Be."

And that's what I'm doing today...I'm just bein'. Cha-cha-cha.

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