Sunday, May 13, 2012

RE: MS WRITE-NOW Waxes Philosophical on Mother's Day With Her Poem "Hen Sitting"

I don't know about all of you who write poetry, but most of my poems take me a little slice of forever before I'm satisfied with them.  

This is my one form of writing that I seem to throw and re-throw as though it's a clay pot that simply won't work itself into the shape I'm envisioning.  This means these ever-changing writings can be rendered into as many as 20 different versions of the same poem.  

What follows is a poem I wrote several years ago entitled, "Hen Sitting," but this is another version.  I'm not so sure I'm completely content with this run at it; however, truth be told, I'm not so sure I'm completely content with any writing I do, poetry or otherwise.  I just know that each piece casts my words into the amber of the moment in time and I must let them go, imperfect or not.

In honor of Mother's Day I humbly offer up, "Hen Sitting" which I wrote when waiting for one of my children to receive the results of her audition.

Hen Sitting

I wait
The Mother Hen
listening for the return  
of one from her brood

I feel
her pain
every promise of news
quickening my heart

I measure
time’s passage
through aching arms
longing to bring comfort

I know
her desire
the wanting of it so badly
the memory a brand 

I remember
when it was my turn
the memories surfacing
melding past into present

I am
The Mother Hen
ever waiting
with boundless loving care. 

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