Thursday, March 22, 2012

RE: Summarily A Good Samaritan...Good Deeds...Gotta Love 'Em

Summarily a Good Samaritan

Today I witnessed a good deed and I wanted to fling this goodness into the blogosphere, knowing it will stick on suspecting and unsuspecting citizens at will.

This was an act of kindness that relied upon a Good Samaritan’s quick thinking and even quicker
action. In the process this individual saved a dog’s life and possibly the lives of human beings too. We’ll never know, but that’s how I’m going to tell the story because I like making this whole “good” thing real, real big.

I was traveling south (at least I think it was south). Okay, it’s my story, so I’ll just go with it. I was southbound on I-80, in readiness for my Highway 160 merge option at Arden Way.

Traffic was going along smoothly, I flicked on my blinker and as I double checked the lane like they taught us in Driver’s Ed, I noticed a small group of cars had congregated over to the side.
As I squinted into my rearview mirror to make sure no one needed any sort of help, I observed a huge dog galloping into a stock still car which had several cars lined up behind it, waiting patiently.

The passenger door was open and the driver was beckoning the amped up animal to come inside as cars zipped past in excess of 65 miles per hour. It was a recovery mission that happened so effortlessly I marveled at its simplicity. That driver could have seen
that imperiled dog and just kept driving, but she didn’t even though it was

I was thrilled to note that not only was the dog’s tail wagging during this mission of mercy, but
this successful save had my tail wagging as well.

It was one of those moments that I suspect will lose a wee bit in the telling and the impact
may not be felt so keenly by my readers.

I was struck by the power of performing an unsolicited good deed. The experience had me shedding a tear as I completed my commute and not for one of the usual reasons like my commute took an hour longer than it should have.

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