Sunday, January 10, 2010

Life Coaching...we should be our first success story

January 10, 2010
Got Life Coach?

Here is an actual transcript of an amusing conversation I had with a relative stranger recently and you know how much I love to share.
Person Who Shall Remain Anonymous
“Yeah, so anyway, I’m moving, just recently divorced and just got laid off.”

Me Who Shall Remain Eponymous
“Oh, wow! It sounds like you’ve had quite a few challenges. What are you doing now?”

Person Who shall Remain Anonymous
“Oh, I’m a Life Coach.”

[This interchange is followed by a protracted silence which is the hallmark of me trying my damndest not to say the first thing that jumps into my brain and exits via my mouth.]

Me Who Shall Remain Eponymous

“May I have your business card?"

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