Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Poem, "Barriers" Just Published by Atonal Press

January 6, 2010
Greetings one and all!
The publishing gods have been smiling upon me greatly and so I am happy to report that one of my new poems, "Barriers" has just been published by "Atonal Press," an on-line poetry magazine. Here's the poem itself, followed by the link:


It took so long to feel the anger
Explosive memories I see
I know you don’t understand
This rage is crying out to be
I felt so lost until I took a chance
Negotiated the jungles of my mind
I feel uneasy but I turn on the light
Navigate the fathoms over time
Barriers are for making bridges over
Inroads around and tunnels through
Barriers are just the thing to overcome
So that I can get me back to you

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