Saturday, January 23, 2010

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January 23, 2010

Greetings from what turns out to be snow country today,

It is snowing – again – here in northern California and I’m just not sure how my vision of a beach-dwelling life, translated to mountain-dwelling, but that’s what ended up happening. Thus, snow is a wintertime reality, showcasing my unbelievably wimpy driving abilities. Ah, well, more time for writing, maybe? (In between power surges and me griping about living in Snowville.)

What I offer you this blog around is a sampling of free newsletters to which you may subscribe in order to keep (get) motivated about writing. Now, granted, these publications won’t guarantee publication – oh, if only – but some of them may be just what the proverbial doctor ordered, so check ‘em out, if ya wanna. I usually have a few of these newsletters coming at me email-style, at any given time, particularly the market news types of offerings. I’ll post several other sites in the future, some of which are extremely active in the “keeping you current on market news” department. I threw in a “bonus” cartoon site that features some amusing stuff about the pursuit of writing. I do believe you can subscribe to his site as well, but I tend to multi-task as I tra-la-la through the Internet, so I got distracted and didn’t finish my site map negotiation on that one.


Offering positivity along with writing morsels:

Publication Coach:

Morning Coffee – freelance writing jobs…and more:

Fiction factor, market news:

First Writer:
All sorts of resources related to the craft

The Writer at Work (comic). If you’ve lost your sense of humor due to writing angst, this oughta help:

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