Friday, April 9, 2010

Legacy on the Cheap...humor for the generations...

April 9, 2010

Legacy on the Cheap

I love letting people know about deals they can take advantage of and when I came across this one I knew I had to share it with all of you.

Did you know that for under five hundred bucks, $399.00 to be exact, you can deposit all sorts of mementos, including your DNA, in a Swiss vault? It’s true. The firm that is offering this up may be accessed via the Internet at Leave it to the same forward-thinking Swedes who brought us precision watches to bring us…well…US!

One of the items folks are invited to stow in their individually crafted, nuclear bomb-proof shelter conveniently located in Gstaad (oh, good, that’ll work well when my people meet there for our skiing holidays), along with your timeless DNA is your personal information. So I’m wondering what would be the nature of this information? Would it be benign stuff like your mother’s maiden name, a hundred things you want(ed) to do before you died or where to find the house key, if it’s not under the mat? It’s more likely it would be “one of us will die if I tell you these things and it better not be me” things like your true weight, when you REALLY lost your virginity or those incriminating photos you just couldn’t bring yourself to torch, don’t you think?

I love the tag lines on the website. You just can’t make this stuff up:
“Store your life, forever. Be there for generations to come.” As though having your DNA “there,” is the next best thing to actually being there by housing your DNA in your body? You know what the next best thing is to being there? Knowing that you’ll be there, at some point, even if it’s later.

I’ve been reading that there’s been quite a bit of hoopla, of late, over those Swiss bank accounts and their long-revered secret status the Swiss have enjoyed touting. Evidently, their time may be up, so good thing they have accurate watches, because the global market is making noises to “ix-nay” secret accounts, thereby denying them their bragging rights to bank accounts that boast better security than a Texas prison. I would imagine this has led to a great deal of concern amongst the Swiss business community and so they’ve launched this new marketing campaign for a service that every high-level, quality DNA-toting executive will want, right after they close out their formerly super secret Swiss bank account – their very own vault. Why, they can funnel a bit of that newly pocketed cash right into the financial “must have” of the accrual season, setting up a lifetime of wealth…in memories, right down the hall.

After I watched the demo video on the website I thought of a better gift for that discerning executive, costing substantially less than the $399.00 price tag. How about a scrapbook for $39.95 thrown into a fireproof safe? That delivers the same product cheaply, efficiently and with mobility, plus you could personalize it with a sticker that says, “Next Generation or Bust.”

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