Monday, February 22, 2010

I'll Always Be There For You...Unless I'm Somewhere Else?!...finding the humor in finding ourselves...

February 22, 2010

I’ll Always Be There For You…Unless I’m Somewhere Else?!

Much has been written about how much WORK it is to maintain a marital relationship (place right hand on forehead and adopt a long-suffering, weary look at this point.)

Much has been written about how CHALLENGING it is to maintain a home and provide quality care for our children (take a deep breath – inhale – hold it, hold it – are ya dizzy yet? Now let it out and sigh, really loudly.)

And way more than is necessary has been written about how DIFFICULT it is to retain any semblance of individuality, during which process we must forage for “me” time.

Let’s face it. The most brutal challenge in the hero’s journey that is motherhood is preserving our sanity, but sure, let’s go with individuality and the requisite “me” time on this one. During the course of my quest for this particular holy grail is when I utter the words to my family that truly express the way I feel about them and my place in their world:

I’ll Always Be There For You…Unless I’m Somewhere Else?!

…which, NOT coincidentally is the name of my new humor book I’m working on and am hoping to publish some time before my children are writing their own parenting books. (If anyone is counting, this’ll make 4 published books and 10 written. If I were to convert this score to a batting average, I would depress myself, so let’s just add “and counting,” so I’ll feel better. Ready? Three published books…and counting. Yep, that’s good.)

As a mom, the only time I really feel alone is when I yodel out to the household at large, “Who made this mess?” but that isn’t the same as “me” time, is it? Anything that involves cleaning products means I’m still on the clock.

In my never-ending quest for solitude, I often find myself doing things that are alternately embarrassing and functional, like taking a long, soothing bath, but then using the towel I’ve just used to mop the floor. Did you enjoy that visual? On-line counselors are standing by to assist you in processing that little tidbit of information.

I won’t say that I’m ever outside the law during the course of any of my pursuits (because, quite frankly officer, that would be stupid to do here in print, wouldn’t it?), but what I will say is that I often go to lengths that defy logic in order to maintain the toughest relationship there is – the relationship with myself! How about you? Do tell!

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