Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Momisms...appropos of nothing, but relatable to something

February 23, 2010

I often come up with my own terms for things, even concocting made-up words in my continuing journey as a wordsmithing woman. One such "animal," is my term, "Momism," which means pretty much what you would think it means. These are sayings, one-liners and pithy asides that relate to the craft that is Momming. See? I manipulated the word "mom" again, this time "verbing it up," even though Mom is decidedly noun-ish.

I'm thinking -- ow, ow, ow! -- that I will share these Momisms with you in a numbered sequence, feeding them out, one at a time, as I build some nice dynamics...or something. Perhaps you will be sharing these when you meet your officemates at the water cooler. Let's be honest though. Do most offices or workplaces in general even have a water cooler? I mean, with budgetary constraints and [the rest of this diatribe has been redacted for the author's own good].

Momism #1

You know what life always throws at you, but your kids never do?


Yep! There's more where this came from!

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