Thursday, February 11, 2010

RE: The Technology Shuffle, PART III, a humor column work-in-progress

February 11, 2010

Please do see Parts I and II of this "baby" humor column that will crawl, toddle, walk and then run, developing into a mature, fully grown, adult piece of writing that we can all be proud of. And on we go to Part III of my work-in-progress. A little something I like to call:

“The Technology Shuffle" – Part III

…suffers at the hands of technology’s relentless imperative to MULTI-TASK!

Our kids are actually multi-taskers extraordinaires, something we’ve learned to do, focus being a more highly valued attribute during our formative years. Then as we grew into young adults, with our own offspring, we wanted it all, baby, so we found that if we just focused on one thing at a time that is all we would get done and we certainly couldn’t have that!

God forbid that someone should ask you, “What did you do today?” to which you would reply, “I went to the grocery store.” Your conversational partner would be aghast replying with, “That’s it? Just the store? Nothing else? Huh!”

We did it all and now we’re tired and many of us would love the absolute luxury of simply focusing on one thing at a time, but the bar has been raised and unless we want to spend all of our time at the local bar, drowning our sorrows over it, we must keep up with the proverbial Joneses on this “having it all, doing it all” deal.

This, however, is not a problem with our children because they have embraced multi-tasking and the technology that supports it with a vengeance. The challenge comes in when we realize we’re supposed to…


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