Monday, March 22, 2010

KILL-TV...humorous mystery receives promo from Readers and "Ritas...

March 22, 2010
How cute is it when a website or organization provides you with a plug "just because?" Well, that's exactly what happened when a fabulous-looking site called, "Readers and 'Ritas," listed my books. I thank them from the bottom of my wallet (which is what I'm always seeing...that empty-ish, bottom part) to the top of my heart (which is fuller than the aforementioned wallet.)
I love their tag line: ...celebrate passionate literary obsessions. I'll raise a glass to that!

...a humorous mystery that takes deadly aim at your funny bone...
Hope Springs Eternal Press
April 2008
Featuring: Leslie Lloyd; J.J." Juliana Jacobs; Jared Stanford
224 pages
ISBN: 0981482902
Paperback $10.00

It's April Fifteenth. Tax Day. And while this is not, traditionally, a source of merriment for any citizen, K-I-L- L TV adds a new twist to Ben Franklin's axiom about "death and taxes" by telling the humorously suspenseful tale of news director, Leslie Lloyd. Fateful timing finds Leslie foraging around for a tape in the television station control room when she notices something is off besides the lights; station manager Lincoln Delaware Bradley III is dead. Unfortunately, our alliterative heroine was known to disagree with the head honcho publicly, loudly and frequently. The fact that Leslie and Lincoln had one humdinger of an argument a mere day's worth of hours before Lincoln's death doesn't escape anyone's attention, least of all the police. As if that isn't enough, Leslie's husband, that rat-bastard Bob, is leaving her, her income taxes haven't been filed, and she's in desperate need of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting or ten. An unexpected diversion in the form of a love connection with policeman, Jared Stanford, provides a welcome breather, even as a veritable Lombard Street of plot twists threaten to send her careening into a metaphorical wall representing her future. The song title chapter headings set the tone for the intrigue as we get a closer look at Leslie's life, friends and struggle to stay on top in the uncompromising world of broadcast journalism, as her story plays non-stop on every station, including K-I-L-L TV.

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