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Worst Foods to Mall Crawl Toward...Food Humor...

March 26, 2010

Worst Foods to Mall Crawl Toward

Being quite the little researcher, reader and fact-mongerer I’ve been noting fast facts about the worst mall food and, in fact, periodically there are lists about this kind of thing.

Now in this economy, heck in ANY of my personal economies, I’ve never been much for hanging around the mall, primarily for financial reasons and, other than a cookie and large-ish iced tea, I’m not much of a mall food eater. Having said that, lest I appear overly virtuous, I have consumed plenty of mall food over the course of my time on this planet. One of my “pick your poison” snacks of choice has been Sbarro which offers up a yummy, carb-dreamy, menu.

Waxing philosophical for a moment, I fell in the love with my first Sbarro in New York, years ago, at which time I became as enamored of the calzone as I was of their neon sign. (Ergo, one can see why I am deliriously happy when I am in Las Vegas.) Actually, the picture that appears along with this blog is the EXACT Sbarro I first laid eyes upon, oh, glorious day that was.

As it turns out, you’re in okay shape, literally, if you stick to one piece of regular pizza, but it’s the stuffed pepperoni pizza that will have you huffing and puffing toward daily work-outs in increments of threes.

Giving a whole new meaning to the word “stuffed,” one piece of Sbarro stuffed Pepperoni pizza is 890 calories (what does it have on it, a scoop of ice cream on top?) and that this is the equivalent of:

3 Snickers bars
20 Chicken McNuggets
15 Kentucky Fried Chicken Hot Wings

I would certainly pick the Snickers bars over any of the above, but that may be the hormones talking. Alternatively, one slice of New York Style Thin Crust Cheese is about half that, weighing in at about 460 calories. This means you could plan on more than water and the requisite salad for dinner, if the pizza was your lunch. Heck! Live it up! Throw a crouton on top of those greens!

Perhaps inside tracks should be installed in our malls, so that we can imbibe these high-caloric foods and then hit the track on our way out the door in order to get a jump start on processing those luscious carbs. Or…we could not eat this kind of stuff. Huh, there’s that.

My plan is to refrain from making too many mall visitations, keep my friend, the Snickers bar in my life, but at a respectful distance, and work-out as often as I change my undergarments, give or take.

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